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The Full time PGP in management is ideal for professionals who feel to re-engineer themselves with new skill sets and leverage opportunities thrown by globalization in terms of increased career mobility and choices.

The courses start in April with the orientation program and culminate with the Graduation ceremony usually during the first week of April next year.


Pre-term: Student to ISB come from various backgrounds and would have been away from academics from a long time. In order to smoothen their entry back to academics and classes ISB conducts pre-term courses in the areas of Quantitative methods, Accounting and Business statistics.


Core Courses: Core courses cover the basics in strategy, Finance, Operations, Marketing and IT. They provide a strong foundation for students to choose their electives from the 5th term onwards.


Electives: During Term 5 to 8 students can opt for 3 to 5 electives a term. The total electives to be taken can range from a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 19. Students have a choice of over 70 electives and have to specialize in 2 areas.

Some of the elective courses are: Advanced Corporate Finance Business to Business Marketing Business Valuation Using Financial Statements Change Management Consumer Behaviour International Finance Fixed Income securities Marketing Analysis Negotiation analysis Pricing Advertising Brand Management Financial Engineering Investing in Private Equity Logistics and Supply Chain Management Managing Teams Power and Politics[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab show_icon=”” icon_skin=”custom” title=”Essay Review” tab_id=”130411a3-b0cb-2″][vc_column_text]ISB essay 1

If we were to admit just One more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you? (400 words max)



ISB Essay 2
Describe your your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those? (300 words max)



ISB Essay 3 (Optional)
Please use this space to provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB.
Note: It is not necessary for you to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know. (200 words max)


[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab show_icon=”” icon_skin=”custom” tab_id=”fe23806c-f350-0″ title=”Deadlines”][vc_column_text]Round 1
Application Deadline: October 15, 2017
Early decision Offer Date: 10 November, 2017
Final decision Offer Date: December 5, 2017

Round 2
Application Deadline: January 15, 2018
Offer Date: March 5, 2018[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab show_icon=”” icon_skin=”custom” title=”Early Entry Option (EEO)” tab_id=”1440924444647-3-3″][vc_column_text]

Early Entry Option (EEO) allows graduates with less than 2 years of work ex. to apply to the ISB PGP. EEO is designed for younger candidates who are eager to pursue a career in management. The candidate selected through EEO, will secure a deferred admission and will be required to complete 24 months of work ex. before joining the programme. Candidates with less than an year of work ex. will be offered a deferment of 2 years whereas candidates having 1 to 2 years of work ex. will be offered a deferment of 1 year. They can further defer it by another year.

The eligibility criteria for EEO are:

  • An undergraduate/post-graduate degree in any discipline
  • Less than 2 years of full-time work work ex. as of Mar 31, 2016
  • A valid GMAT/GRE score
  • Less than 24 months of full time work experience by March 31 of the following year
  • TOEFL / IELTS / PTE score (only if the language of instruction at undergraduate study level is not English)

The application process and deadlines are same as regular PGP program.


Admission Fee:

  • The first instalment of the admission fee i.e. INR 2,50,000 + service tax has to be remitted within 10 days from the date of admission offer.
  • The Admission Fee is non-refundable.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab show_icon=”” icon_skin=”custom” title=”ISB Interview Experiences” tab_id=”1441535415334-4-5″][vc_column_text]ISB Interview experience 1

My interview was slated to begin at 10:00AM but started at around 11:00AM. My interview panel had 3 alumni members. They greeted me very warmly and started by asking the market cap of my company and gave me a pen and paper to provide them the share of other players  in energy sector. After this they asked me about the size of team I manage, what are my key learning from managing a team. What are the problems my company is facing, what are the possible measures to alleviate that. They also asked whether I am a good team player and what according to me is a good team player. After that they started probing into my hobbies and how committed I am to excel in them. After that they asked me about my goals post ISB, what all companies and roles I am targeting and whether I know that those companies visit the campus for placement.


ISB Interview experience 2

For Class entering in 2017

One word Topic : HAPPY


1. Introduction about myself
2. Start up and how many founders
3. Being a founder what is the difference of product and service for a company
4. Turn over of my startup
5. Why am here when the firm is in chile
6.for how much am selling it many existing team members and what do they do
8. Agro enterprise. Where and for what it requires money
9.whether this connecting farmers to global buyers it works?
10.again am I playing middle man role?
11. Asked me to pick one of interests to discuss for long time.. I picked dance.. And went on discussion for few mins differences b/n bhangra and zumba what others I know.. Salsa and bachata and so on.
12. Last do you have any questions?



ISB Interview experience 3

For Class entering in 2017

The interview started pretty much on time. The panel consisted of 3 members; I presume 2 were alums (A1 and A2) and one was a current student. Only A1 and A2 asked questions. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and friendly. The interview lasted for about 20-25 minutes. The following questions were asked.

1. (P1) Where do you work ?
2. (P1) What does your organisation do ? Pls explain.
3. (P1) Describe your job-profile ?
4. (P1) What are your roles and responsibilities here ?
5. (P2) What are some of the important projects that you have worked on ?
6. (P2) How has your job-profile evolved over the years ?
7. (P2) Apart from the technical aspects, what have you learnt in this period ?
8. (P2) Describe a challenging project that you have worked on ?
9. (P1) Were you the team lead ?
10. (P2) What challenges did you face as the team-lead ?
11. (P2) How do you motivate the team, when faced with challenging situations ?
12. (P1) Why do want to do an MBA ?
13. (P1) Can you name a few target companies that you have in mind ?
14. (P1) Do you have any questions for us ?
The interviewers together answered the question that I had asked and a short discussion followed, after which I thanked the panel members and took leave.



ISB Interview experience 4

EXPERIENCE : 4 years in Shipping

Here are some questions from my interview

1) Do you know any of guys from merchant navy who have passed from ISB?

2) What did they tell you about ISB?

3) Your recommender has written alot about your leadership abilities. Please tell us about your leadership abilities and your style.

4) Tell us a situation in which you have shown your leadership abilities and what did you learn from that experience?

5) You have written you want to work for marine transportation and logistics in India. Be more precise and tell me what exactly you want to do?

6) Lots of cross question on my response

7) Why do you want to leave shipping?

8) Do you want to ask any question from us?

That was it. I felt lucky that asked questions on my strength and was able to give good answers.

Now keeping my finger crossed and hoping for the best.



ISB Interview experience 5

EXPERIENCE : 2 years 3 months in Power Sector, GMAT : 740

Below is the interview debrief

The interview was scheduled at 11:10 in Taj Palace, Delhi with panel no. 2. There was a lady (l) and a gentleman (g) in the panel.

g – Do you know ABC?
me – No Sir. Never heard her name
g – She was selected into ISB last year from your company.
me – NTPC is a large organization. I haven’t heard about her

l – Where are you posted?
me – At Tanda, near Ayodhya in UP
g – How far is it from Delhi?
me – 500 kms

g – It seems you don’t want to go back to the public sector post MBA
me – Sir actually my goals are related to public sector. Starting an infrastructure consultancy …and yes To achieve my goals, I need to work with an infrastructure consultant like L&T…and I don’t see any PSU in this area.
g – L&T is not just an infra consultancy, it’s an infra giant
g – But why do you want to do MBA? L&T would hire you anyways
me – Sir but I need to gain managerial skill set in a short period of time to achieve my goals. L&T would hire me now as an engineer and even if I am able to learn some managerial skills in L&T, it would be related to a specific sector only, either financial or marketing. I want to gain a holistic understanding of business which I can gain only in an MBA

g – What do you want to do exactly in your company?
me – sir my company would provide consultancy to small infrastructure projects who can’t afford big consultants. E.g. My friend’s father in Sikkim has a 5MW plant, so, he cannot afford to go to big consultants. That’s where I would come and ones my brand is well established, I would go on to bigger projects
g- Was it a run of the river plant?
me – no sir, it’s a thermal plant
g- A thermal plant of just 5MW?
me – yes sir, there are many captive power plants

g – how much investment do you expect for your company?
me – around Rs 2 cr
g- how did you arrived at this figure of 2 cr?
me – Sir, infra and office space would cover around 15-20 lakhs. I want to spend a major part in business development and marketing. I would distribute approx. Rs 80 lakhs on marketing and around same amount on business development and manpower
g – Is this just a back of the envelope calculation or do you have exact numbers?
me – sir, it’s a back of the envelope calculation, but i believe there’s a huge potential in this industry
g- how do you plan to get the investment
me – sir, I would approach a VC or an angel investor

l- What do you think are your advantages and disadvantages in starting this company?
me – I have a work experience in both power sector and public sector which has given me a technical expertise in this industry. By acquiring managerial skills and gaining managerial work ex in a company post MBA, I would have both technical and managerial know how and can understand the industry quite well.
l – No, but what would be your, market receptivity?
me – I would cater to small infra projects who cant afford large consultants. I think there’s a gap here and i would pierce in here in the industry.
l – and the roadblocks?
me – I haven’t thought about it yet, when any problem would come, I shall think on it then.

g and l – Your recommenders have written about your artificial intelligence project, none of us are engineers, so can you explain it to us?
me – started explaining the project ( I think I went on too long and they seemed to be bored)…by this, we can save many trippings in the power plant and save huge financial losses
g and l – can you quantify it ?
me – now as we get very limited time for emergency handling, only 20-30 % emergencies are handled successfully. With this, we can handle almost all the emergencies and prevent trippings.
l – What % is saved after applying this model?
me – it’s just a proposal and we haven’t applied it yet, so I can’t give you exact figures, but we can handle almost all the emergencies, atleast 70-80 % of them.

g- What’s your leadership style?
me – it’s not a dictatorship style certainly, because in a dictatorship style, creativity of team and subordinates is crumbled. I allow enough room for creativity, but if there’s some demand which can cause a loss to the company, then I restrict them and also explain them reason for it. So, it’s more on a lenient side with restriction only when there’s a loss to the company.

g-do you have any questions for us?
me – sir I had seen Indu centre for infra and real estate, but couldn’t gather much info about it from ISB website. Can you please tell me what all activities it organizes and how can I gain from it?
g – Yes, not only the Indu centre but you can benefit from all the centers



ISB Interview experience 6

Panel-4 had a Lady and a gentleman. Both were alumnus of the school. Both had a very cheerful disposition. No grilling. Peaceful interview

L= lady, G=gentleman

Q1) Is your company a Mukesh Ambani or a Anil Ambani group company?
Answer: Anil

Q2) Explain ur profile in the business strategy group
Answer: Did that well

Q3) How did you save Rs. XXX crore for your company?
Answer: replaced a conventional methodology with an new innovative technology developed in south-asia.

Q4) Give specifics
Answer: (it is a very complicated technique. related ti power plants and structural engineering. tried my best to explain her in layman terms)

Q5) Did you achieved all this alone:
Answer: I was the first to spot the opportunity, to initiate the change. But a change of this magnitude cannot be brought by one man in isolation. Other group (engineering, contracts) have equal credit.

Q6) (she seemed to be happy with this answer) are you still associated with the project?
Answer: explained

After this, the gentleman took charge

Q7) Rs XXX cr of savings in a single project is too much. Savings as percentage of the total project cost?
Answer: less than one percent.

Q8) really!! what’s the project cost?
Answer: Rs 20,000 Cr India’s largest power project

Q9)lady: so you are into creative writing and poetry writing?
Answer: yes, i write ghazals.

Q10) G: sing a ghazal for us
Answer: I write ghazals. a form of poetry

At this, I thought I might have disappointed the gentleman. i thought he wanted some entertainment. “ISB ke liye kuch bhi”, I thought.

Though i have a terrible voice, i’ll sing for you sir. (sang two lines of a ghazal that i have written this week itself. the gentleman complimented me for my voice

Q11) Your other interest seems to be financial markets? (I have cleared 4 modues of NCFM with 93% marks)
Answer: (Shit!! gayi bhains paani me I have no interest in stock markets) Explained her that I did the course to gain some knowledge on financial ratios and balance sheet evaluation, as we have to evaluate the financial health of our vendors before placing orders.

Q12) So are you into stock trading?
Answer: no ma’am , I invest only in mutual funds. I don’t get the time to trade as trading websites are blocked at my workplace
(this might give her the impression that i am trying to avoid questions. But I answered honestly. I am not a stock market geek.)

Q13) G: why do you want to pursue MBA?
Answer: general Management role in Energy industry
Q14) What do you understand by General management?

Q15) But that’s exactly what you are currently doing
(He was right. I am working in business strategy, business development, contract management. ) explained. Talked about higher responsibilities.

Q16) So I think you only want the ISB “thappa” (he actually used the word thappa )
Answer: told him that brand factor is very important, though there is more to a MBA than just the brand. talked about skills, networks etc.

Q17) Lady: Your title says ‘Assistant Manager – Business Strategy’. But strategy isn’t exactly what you are doing. You are just into evaluating and developing new businesses.
Answer: talked about process improvement, procurement optimization, contract management.

I think I could have done better on this. Forgot to mention the two JVs (one manufacturing, and one steel JV) that I worked upon, also forgot to mention an initiative on our firm’s backward integration strategy )

Q18) Gentleman: your salary has not increased much.
Answer: ( yaar, power sector is not as glamorous as IT or Finance. but thought against mentioning this) told him the other reason that when i joined the company, i used to get additional allowance as i was on a remote location. Had I joined the corporate office since the beginning, the difference would have been visible.

Q19) Gentleman: Do you really think we should go for nuclear power?
Answer: Gave gyaan

Q20) but why nuclear? Why not coal?
Answer: Vomited everything that I have learnt in past two years

Q21) G & L: you seem to be very passionate about the energy industry
Answer: J

Q22) L : not many energy companies come to ISB. do you have your own contacts.
Answer: ( I think she was checking whether I have done my homework. ISB & UT-Austin are the mecca for energy sector guys)
Told her that I have already spoken to my Vice president regarding study leave. (He is also one of my evaluator)
Gave her a list of companies that come to ISB (energy +construction + power equipment manufacturers+ green energy+ energy advisory firm at ISB)

Q23) G: do you face any problem in multi-tasking? Will you able to do so at ISB?
Answer: (where did this come from? ) told him i have managed acads and ecs well at NIT. So it shouldn’t be a problem .
Q24) But have you faced any such problems before?
Answer: I did face problems in my initial days at ABC ( I think my evaluators must have mentioned this. it’s better to accept your weakness. I accepted and there was no further grilling.)

Q25) any questions from the school?
Answer: Is any one of you an alumnus of the school
L& G: both of us

At this point I realized that I met the lady during the my trip to ISB. It was a raining heavily. I offered her my umbrella and she offered us a lift in her car. I told her about our meeting. She was able to recall.

She answered my questions patiently, took my essays. I left the room.



ISB Interview experience 7

EXPERIENCE: 4 years – IT, Research, Operations

Please find below the questions and the follow-up questions asked during the ISB interview: (Panel had VK Menon and 1 Alum):

1. Reason for company foreclosure?
2. If you were the CEO, what you would have done differently?
3. What was your role in the sellout of your company?
4. With how many companies you met during this process and whom you met?
5. Post ISB goal?
6. What is your plan B in case this goal is not successful?
7. How much money you need to setup your virtual university?
8. Any questions for us? (I asked about ELP)

Last comment: You have pretty interesting profile. Thanks…………..



ISB Interview experience 8
EXPERIENCE: 3 years – IT, GMAT: 730

The interview panel consisted of three people. Two seemed to be professors and third was probably alum.

The questions were focused around my application only. They started by asking me about the project I had done recently. After that they asked me about a white-paper which I had written on rural and urban sectors in India during my college time. They probed me a bit on this. What are the problems faced by rural sector and probable solutions? Asked for a sustainable solution. I talked about Grameen bank in Bangladesh but could not recall of such a thing in India.

Then about my goals post MBA. How MBA would help me? Why MBA? About painting which is my hobby -what kind of paintings? How is painting related to the work I do – for this I said painting has helped me develop out-of the box thinking and gave an example. Do I still paint?

Finally, how has my profile changed since last year.

Overall, I remained confident and showed enthusiasm throughout the interview. But I feel I could have better explained/answered few questions.

I do not know how well did it go actually – mixed feelings.



ISB Interview experience 9

When I entered the room there were 3 guys sitting infront. Two of them were alums and one was resident faculty. They were very friendly and tried to make me comfortable. Then they started with the questions which are
Q1) Tell me something about your profile and just drill down to explain in detail (4-5 mins)
Q2) Which sector are you targeting post ISB and why (5 mins)
Q3) Any conflict within team and how did you resolve it (4-5 mins)
Q4) Business problem related to my profile (15 mins)
Q5) Another question related to my cost saving measure (5 mins)
Q6) Anything else you wanna ask? (10 mins)

Interview lasted for 45 mins (usually they were wrapping applicants in 20-25 mins)

They tried to mock me and trick me in the business problem to see if I panic but I managed to keep my composure and answered them without any hiccups.



ISB Interview experience 10
My interview was in Vivanta by Taj on 1000hrs. There were two people in the panel. The lady was from adcom and the guy was an ISB alumnus. I was given one word essay before the interview. The word given to me was FACADE’.

My interview commenced 10 min before 1000 hrs. The lady made the environment very positive. She started by asking about my family. In between, she kept adding details about her family and background.
I was asked the following questions in the subsequent 40 min:
1. How was your transition from a village to a small city, then a premier institute and finally to army.
2. What was the turning point for you in your life so far
3. Name a teacher who has influenced you the most and why?
4. Then they asked few questions on my essays…they were very thorough with my application and got into nitty gritties.
5. Where do you want to work after MBA
6. Why not stay a doctor and do MD.
7. Then two hypothetical questions; if you are inducted into the prime minister’s council, what changes would you make to the healthcare set ups in India…. second question was about transition from ethical and disciplined life of army to highly corrupt corporate atmosphere
8. Why I am so optimistic about the healthcare sector in India..
9. In the end, they asked me if i had any questions for them

The interview went very well. The panel was supportive and positive. It lasted for around 40 min. There was no grilling. More of trying to know me.



ISB Interview experience 11
The interview was held on 4th November at Hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata. There were 3 members in the panel- One from the Adcom and two others were probably alums. Prior to the interview all of us were given one word essay. Word given to me was “sanity”.

Interview last for around 25 minutes and can be rated somewhere between a stress interview and a routine interview. The adcom member was the toughest of all the members. Couple of times he tried to throw me off guard.

Adcom: Which books on philosophy do you read?

Me: I replied with a few names. (I am in a habit of reading books so I could manage this unexpected opening question)

Adcom: Tell us something about XXXX book. (One of the book I mentioned)

This initial discussion was followed by a lot of questions on my work experience. There were a lot of cross-questions also. I could sense that the panel was trying to assess that whatever i had written in my essays was true or fabricated. I handled it well.

Next was a discussion on ethics. This discussion became grueling as in the midst of it was caught with a contradicting answer to one of the earlier question. However, towards the end I was able steer the discussion in my favor.

Alum 1: Why do you want to do MBA now? Your application suggests that you already are in a leadership position and doing great things at work, hence in what sense will an MBA help you in your career?

I had practiced well for this question, hence answered it swiftly.

Alum 2 came up with few questions on my hobby.

Lastly, I was given the window to ask question from the panel. I asked one.

Overall, I would say, there were the interview was ok with few stress points here and there.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][/vc_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]