ISB interview experiences

ISB interview experience 1


My interview was scheduled on 12 November over Skype at 6 30 AM EST. The interview started 10 minutes late as the panel was on a tea break. When the interview started, I was taken a bit off-guard as I was tole that I would not be able to view the panelist since there was no webcam available at their end. It was tricky as I constantly got the feeling that I was being observed while I was unable to read facial and body expressions of my observers.

Q1: Walk us through your professional experience

A1: I described them what I have done in my various roles, about my international experience, freelancing and finally experience in consulting. I kept the answer brief (that is without going in to too much details of my roles, responsibilities and projects)


Q2: What is the impact in dollars to your client and Sapient with respect to your current project

A2: I described the impact and explained that how there are impacts to reputation and ability to function in case the project fails


Q3: Second panelist tried to ask me about why I am doing freelancing, but the first panelist corrected him by mentioning that I have already moved to a corporate role (kind of answered on my behalf)


Q4: why MBA and why ISB

A4: This one was a long answer, so I broke down the answer in to three parts, why MBA, what was I looking for in a MBA program and finally how ISB fits in. The first panelist cut me off towards the end of the answer saying that they “get where I am coming from” and in the interest of time would like to ask me one more question


Q5: What is your leadership style while dealing with diverse teams

A5: I described my style and kept my answer close to my essay


Q5 followup: What is dodd-frank, can you explain it in one sentence

A5 followup: Gave them a quick background of 2008 recession and introduction of new regulations to prevent such occurrence


Q6: do you have any questions

A6: I mentioned that I have three. However, it was almost 30 minutes in to the interview so I asked their opinion. They said that they will have time for one. So I asked them about the bidding process and ELP project selection. I was answered at a high level and said that the details are discussed during the start of the session


The interview lasted for 31 minutes and there was no grilling. At the end, I am not sure how the interview went either way.





ISB interview experience 2

GMAT Score: 700

Profile: 5 years experience in FMCG manufacturing

The interview was conducted through Skype and lasted for 25 minutes. There were 2 interviewers in the panel.

Questions asked are as follows

  1.     Walk me through your professional profile?
  2.     How will you explain Six Sigma to a layman (based on my profile)?
  3.     I was asked to explain with a example
  4.     How did you manage resistance to change in your organization? (I was part of a multi-national workforce in a foreign country and have mentioned tackling resistance to change in my organization. I gave my experience in one of the assignments to explain)
  5.     Did you have to retrench a employee based on performance during the assignment (based on the experience I shared regarding managing resistance to change)
  6.     You have made the career progression within the same organization. How do you think the management would have viewed you before it takes those decisions?
  7.     What do you expect from ISB?
  8.     Why FMCG sector? (based on my essay )
  9.     What is your take on the FMCG sector in recent times, for example Patanjali?

I shared the pros and cons regarding Patanjali

The whole interview was more of a discussion and went well.




ISB Interview Experience 3

There were two Alums (i could guess that by their age) no introduction they went straight into questions.

  1. Tell me about the business model of your start up
  2. What are your USPs?
  3. How many bookings are you doing on a day to day basis?
  4. What are the expenses?
  5. What marketing tactics are you applying? And what is working?
  6. Are you profitable?
  7. What are the challenges you are facing?
  8. Why come to isb? Doesn’t your start up need you?
  9. You are young, how is the experience in leading a team? What are the responsibilities, challenges? What kind of a leader are you?
  10. So you say you would be going back to your venture, will you be ok with signing a bond that you won’t sit for placements?
  11. Any questions for us?

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