ISB Interview experience 2012

Profile: 4 years Merchant Navy, GMAT : 760

One Word for essay:Prolong
Interview panel consisted of two members definitely not alumni (what I could judge from their age).

Nature of interview was conversational, no grilling, very few cross questions. They just seemed to be trying to gain more information on what i had mentioned in my essays.

Following were the main questions asked:

1.) They begun with some general talk about my job and shipping, hierarchy on a ship and my role.
2.) Next few minutes were devoted to the responsibilities and role I played in my college. This came from my first achievement where i won a gold medal .They wanted to know what all i did that led me bag the medal.
3.) Biggest professional challenge that I have faced. Basically my second achievement.
4.) Skills I’ve developed during my sea-career
5.) What I look to contribute to ISB
6.) Do I know anyone currently studying at ISB ? What has he gained most from ISB(+ive changes that I have noticed) ? What are the biggest challenges he is facing at ISB ?
7.) Very briefly which field I plan to work-in after ISB ?
8.) My dream company? How many it recruits from ISB ? How many shippies it takes?
9.) Any question I wish to ask ?

It was over well under 15 min. It was a relaxed interview. I was never interrupted while answering.

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