ISB YLP Interview Experience/ Questions

The Interview

The interviews started late. There was a small festival on the day of my interview so the panel arrived late. Interviews lasted an average of 15-20 minutes. Mine was also as long. Since the panel had not read my resume before (or so it seemed), their questions, I guessed, were coming out of notes that another panel had written about my application after having gone through it. They mainly asked me questions from my resume and essays – not much outside of that. They asked me to elaborate on points that I had mentioned in my essays e.g. in one of my essays, I had written about a strong set of ethics that I have and had recounted an incident to support the claim. I was asked to elaborate on that. They asked me how I had balanced college and work with the family business that I had mentioned in my resume. They also asked me why I wanted to study at ISB and why I wanted to study an MBA at all. However, the bulk of the questions were with regard to my future professional plans. In my application, I had highlighted the fact that I want to start my own business straight after college. I had dedicated one whole essay to that. So they asked me a lot of questions with regard to that. They asked me how I would finance the business, how I planned to penetrate the industry and why I thought my business would be a success in the face of stiff competition. No technical questions were asked about the business idea except that I was asked to elaborate in detail about my proposed revenue model. All in all I would say that the interview was very general with no questions that were out of the general set of questions expected. There were two members who interviewed me all in all they were to the point and straight faced but did not appear to want to test me on a stress interview.

The Case Study Analysis

The Case Study was one hour long and it was the same topic for everybody that day. It was slightly mismanaged in the sense that the timings given were not adhered to and you could just walk in anytime and ask to be given the case study. But probably this happened because of the festival since I got to know that other days were organised and absolutely according to schedule. It was a relatively simple Case Study. A case was given wherein a credit card company they said is losing its market to competitors. We were asked to see whether a cut in subscription fee would solve the problem. It was fairly simple and we got about 8 sides of A4 paper to present our analysis.

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