ISB PGPMAX interview experience/ questions 2011

I attended the PGPMAX interview today. My interview was scheduled at 12:45 PM at Welcome Shereton Hotel, Saket.

When I went for the interview we were asked to write answer to the following question & it seemed to be common for all the candidates.

Q) What is your long term goal and who is the person you will like to become. How do you see yourself achieving that role and what are the skill set you will like to add to achieve that role.Explain the skill set you are looking at ISB to improve?

Apart from this question ranged about the heirachy in the organization, strategy regarding the bidding to remain competitive, Which infrastructure to develop roads or railways, When your boss is not MBA then why do you need MBA, will your company sponsor you & if yes then why they did not give the sponsorship letter before hand, Any question for us.

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