ISB Interview Experience 2011-2012

ISB Interview 1

Profile : 7 years in Banking Industry, GMAT: 640

Interviewed by Panel-5 having 3 members (1 lady and 2 gentlemen) at Radission Blu Hotel, Delhi on 30-Oct-2011. All appeared to be alumnus of ISB. Although 2 gentlemen tried to grill a bit but the lady always supported and balanced it. Not much of grilling and generally cool interview.

Some of the questions asked during the interview are given below:

Q1) Are you from Delhi?
Q2) You have already done MBA so why again aspiring for second MBA?

Q3) What are your job responsibilities?
Q4) Asked to elaborate more on job responsibilities?

Q5) What are the key challenges you face while performing your job responsibilities?
Q6) Why is your Bank Signature credit card better than other banks?

Q7) What problems you face in handling team?

Q8) Have you faced any problems in a male dominated industry? Give an example and how you handled it?

Q9) Do you have any questions for us?

ISB Interview 2

Profile: 3 Years Energy, GMAT: 730

My interview was in Radisson Blue, Delhi. My interview was scheduled at 10:20 am. As I entered the waiting hall, I was given an essay to write. The topic was “ROAD” and word limit was 50 words. I wrote it and was waiting for my turn. A medium height guy called my name and took me to an adjacent hall. He took my essay and I was surprised he was one of my interviewers. The interviewer panel consists of three guys. First one was a young guy from alumni- Y1. Second was a middle aged prof-M1. And third was the person who took my essay-Y2.

1) Y1: How u doing??

Me: doing fine

2) M2: Tell me about your career progression??

Me: I had a cultivated answer to that. I am n electrical engineer, working in IOCL, Assignments include commissioning and plant operations.

3) Y1 interrupted and asked about my current position??

Me: I told him a lil about plant operations

4) M1 asked to describe a situation where I actively worked upon for efficiency improvement or prevent power failures and explain the group effort and learnings?

Me: I described a situation related to my company

5) Y2: You wrote about sports such as badminton, cricket and chess. Tell me something related to that?

Me: I told him about my cricket captaincy, and medals and awards in sports.

6) Y2: What is Queen’s Gambit?

Me: Its some technique in Chess.. Dunno.

7) Y2: What are opening moves in Chess??

Me: Described the moves but didn’t know the technical words for it.

8) Y2: Tell me difference between Psychedelic n metal (I wrote about my interest in rock music)

Me: I explained him.

9) Favourite Bands??

Me: Told him

10) What is genre of Coldplay?

Me: Alternative Soft

11) You have written u have interest in Biking. We don’t want people who keep on pursuing such activities that hampers their studies??

Me: I explained some some thing abt how I will balance out and prioritise my activities.

12) Y1: Why u want a job in consultancy??

Me: Told him my reasons

13) Which companies??

Me: Mckinsey, KPMG, Booz

14) These companies will take top 10 % of people. It is very difficult to be amongst top??

Me: I eas in top 4% in my class.. Got placement n now ISB-both my choice.

15) ISB have people from different backgrounds. How r u gonna adjust?

Me: Stated some of my strengths and past experiences.

16) Don’t give ur qualities. Explain ur strategy when u join the college.?

Me: I gave them a good story. They bought it.

17) M1: Do u have sth to say abt yesterday metallica concert??

Me: I attended the concert. Explained how it got ruined.

18) Y1: Do u wanna join strategic consultant or engineering consultant?

Me: Strategic consultant. I tried to explain why but he said explanation not required.

19) Y2: Okay herez a situation: We have 2 cities- new ones and we started a new train between them and u are hired as a caterer. How r u gonna decide what % of people will eat veg/ non-veg. Take this pad n paper n put ur assumptions n algorithm. U have 2 minutes!!

Me: Lot of grilling on that. I put some funny remarks. We all laughed. I give my assumptions and solutions. We discussed it for about 3-4 minutes.

The interview ended in 35 minutes. A long one.

ISB Interview 3

Profile: 4 years in Media and Marketing

Before the interview started I needed to write an essay on the word “Extraordinary”. I wrote about ISB’s extraordinary growth story over the years and what an extra ordinary opportunity this was for Indians to get education at par with the west…

Had to wait for more than an hour before the interview started. I was a re-applicant and was therefore expecting a slight delay. I was fortunate enough to have a lot of people around me so we got into a conversation which help reduced our anxiety.

Finally my name was called out and one of the Alums came to escort me to the room. My interview was conducted by the two alums one from the 2002 batch and the other from the 2008 batch. I would like to say that both of them were thorough gentleman in their conduct. However, I did come across a couple of interview panels which were really stressing people out. The same panel was also asking for the essay sheet before you entered the room so that they could evaluate it and question you on that. So my advice for people will be that try not to write anything very controversial and be prepared to defend whatever you write in case asked for it.

1. You have worked on interesting projects.

Asked about one of the projects. Discussed at length on that project. They seemed content.

2. Asked me about another project at length

Started to tell them that I was heading the project. They asked me how exactly I was heading the project and what did I do. The challenges that I came across and the outcome.

Spoke about the challenges that I faced with the projects. The consume insights I gained….

3. One thing that you could achieve in the second project but not in the first and why?

Answered this vey honestly. They seemed content.

4. What is brand ISB to you?

In 11 years ISB has shown great growth and is competing with colleges with a 150 years or more tradition…..Told them how ISB is leveraging India’s growth story. They seemed ok with the answer

5. Asked me you are a reapplicant so tell me about the improvements in your profile.

Told them that I had taken feedback from ISB and told them the areas the feedback session spoke about. Started by elaborating the first aspect and when I was talking about a specific project, they got interested in and continued questioning on that. So explained how I went about the whole thing and also added a couple of other things that I wanted to highlight about my profile. They seemed pretty nice and heard everything that I had to say.

6. Finally asked me if I had any questions?

Told them that I had read an article about ISB increasing its course durations by 6 months and wanted some insight on the same. They told me they had no idea about it.

Before I left they asked me about my weight loss and my experience in Dubai?

Explained everything as passionately as I could.

Finally they told me it was a pleasure meeting you and sorry for the delay. I told them it was a pleasure meeting them too and infact I should thank them for the delay as I got an opportunity to interact with this army man who was very interesting and inspiring. They smiled and I left the room.

ISB Interview 4

Profile: 1 year in Energy Consulting, 1 year as an Entrepreneur

There were three panelists in my interview. The interview lasted for around 30 min and there was a fair bit of cross-questioning and interruption.

The focus was largely on my entrepreneurial ventures – my family business and my environmental venture. There were cross-questions like ‘market size’, entry barriers and they went in depth about both the ventures.

In the end they moved on to diverse questions like ‘how will MBA help me’, ‘my dream company’, ‘my involvement in sports’, ‘my role in placement coordination’ etc. again there was cross-questioning in almost all questions.

As far as my response to the questions is concerned, I think I did average. There was no particular question where I was stuck, though I could have given better replies. I also struggled to bring about all the points because of the cross-questioning and interruptions in between.

So keeping my fingers crossed.

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