ISB YLP Interview Experience/ Questions

My YLP interview experience was as follows.
The interview panel consisted of 2 persons, and the interview was more or less a stress interview, as I entered the room, the first question was shot even before i could sit:
Me : May I come in sir?
Interviewer 1 : Come in and before you sit down, i was going through your essays, and you have written that you had formed the this society in your college, tell me about it.
Interviewer 1 : There is this another project you have mentioned in your resume, give me a concise description of how you did this and what exactly did you do.
Interviewer 2 : (interjected in the middle of my description) What was the outcome of your project?
Give me the details.
Interviewer 2 : What was the outcome?
Interviewer 2 : What are your plans after completing your Engineering?
Interviewer 2 : Give me the specific details of what sub sector in the sector you have mentioned.
Interviewer 2 : Give me names of some companies that deal in this sector.
Interviewer 2 : What plans do you have after you complete your MBA?
Me : I told him about my plans and he seemed satisfied.
Interviewer 1 : Why exactly is this sector lagging behind?
Interviewer 1 : Give me the latest developments in this sector.
Interviewer 1 : What are the limitations of these developments you have mentioned.
Interviewer 2 : I guess that is all we wanted to ask; do you have any questions for us?
Interviewer 1 & 2 both : Best of luck for your application process.
The interview lasted for about 20 minutes and there were people who were chucked out in 8-10 minutes also.

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