ISB PGPMAX Interview experience/ Questions

There were 2 persons in my panel, and my interview was for 30 mins.

To start with I was given a case study to analyze the feasibility for the company to launch the particular product. After my analysis there were lot of questions such as:

1. Why you think like this.

2. Can you describe it more.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of my approach.

4. If I do it like this, then how it is going to affect your strategy.

5. After our analysis do you find any shortcomings in your strategy

After almost 10 min discussion 2nd professor asked me: You want to be first mover in the market or you want to wait for the other players to come and then analyze the risk.

I said I favor 1st mover side and stuck to that despite a lot of counter arguments such as:

  • New to the market
  • Lot of risks – Customer accept it or not.
  • Not a tried n tested strategies.
  • Role of advertising and guiding the users about the product/services.

Honestly it was hard for me to defend my side – but I stuck to it.

Other questions were:

  • Any favorite Indian company and why.
  • What are the type of risks do you think your work has.
  • Do you think after doing this program you can become Vice – President, or if not how this program will help you to become.
  • Out of interest – have you read any management books in the past.
  • What are the changes/Improvement you want to suggest to program co-coordinators, and you can’t say that this program is best in class you have to give at least one suggestion.
  • Finally, Do you have any questions for us. – personally I didn’t asked any question as I have attended there seminar in the past.

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