ISB 2011 interview experience – Financial background

GMAT: 760, Profile: 4 years, Derivative Trading

The panel included 3 alums..All of them were not recent alums

Interview started with the traditional question – Tell us about yourself?

Why did you change your field?

Role in the current company?

Questions related to finance ( my current job) ….. What are options, futures, swaps, contango etc…

Why MBA? Little cross questioning here …

Did you enjoy your mechanical engineering ? (my grades were pretty low)

Why do you think ISB would be a good investment for you considering the amount is pretty huge as compared to what you had spent for 4 yrs of engineering

What is your other side ….talked about my extra currics…just a tip here – If you were involved in some sports in college make sure your answer contains something about the sport even after you left the college.

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