ISB interview experience 2011 ( class of 2012)

ISB Interview Experience 1

Profile: Indian/ Male, Research & Analytics (for class entering in 2011- R2)

I was interviewed at Delhi by panel of three.

1) First question: social Responsibility: I clearly mentioned abt my social work I did and the learning from it in essay three. I had mentioned the time lines as 2004-2008. They started off so whats with bankers and social work. My reply was simple. I used to actively work in this area but post 2008 I have stopped working. But since I do want to contribute I contribute monetary and that is what I would do going forward since I want to concentrate on my career/family for next 5 years. But I do contribute to a particular school and follow it up religiously as to how is the money used to that they said so u r not doing any socially responsible work. to that I mentioned that first appreciate the fact that I have written that I used to work actively and now contribute monetary and second I have just chosen another route to contribute to social cause.
2) Tell us about a difficult situation / failure u had and why?

3) Third question on my career: u want to say in the same industry and almost similiar role then why MBA? To which I answered that MBA could just accelerate my career growth. They asked then what if u dont get through to which I replied I might take a little longer to reach to the level I want without an MBA.

4) Fourth question: Your salary is currently way above what average salary ISB offers: why join at all? I said it was more about the role and my plans to stay in India. To which they asked everyone says that. To which I answered I left a London job with salary in pounds to come back to India in the same company. It shows that I really care abt the role and not the salary. Cross questioned again: so u won’t take up a job in Goldman Sachs?

To which I answered with a pause of 5 secs? where in India? and gave that idiotic smile!

Cross question: u will take a loan for ISB / Repharsed to will u take a loan. Answer: no so that line of cross questioning ended there.

5) Why ISB? Simple answer provides me world class education in India at very low cost to brand ratio

6) Which companies r u targeting?

7) What company do u want to start? Just mentioned that I want to start a algorithmics trading firm in 3-4 years of time after networking in the industry.

These questions were all mixed up.

To be honest I think I was little off the mark by using couple of sentences: “please let me finish” and “appreciate the fact that I have clearly stated that I don’t do the social responsibility part now actively”.


ISB Interview Experience 2

GMAT: 670, Profile: Indian/ Male, Automobile Industry : Sales & Marketing.

My essay topic : Motivation.

There were two person in panel Lady ‘L’ and Sir ‘S’

My interview started on an informal note, while L came to invite me to interview room , while walking through the lobby she asked me which car I drive and then while discussing it we enter room.

Formal Introduction, I was offered a sit, and the discussion continued.

S: Which Car you prefer to buy?

Ans: I gave all funda about what one need to see while buying a car.

S: Asked me about profitability of the business for dealership in sales etc.

Ans: Gave ans as per data.

S: Asked about my sales targets and all.


S: What will you do if I double your target, and gave three options.


S: Few more question about my profile and more about my job profile.


S: Talk about nano.


In between one question came in about what I will do after my MBA.

Ans: Gave the funda.

L: So , you were President of college, what was election procedure?


L What significant work you did as president. .

Answered .

S: Why does Electric vehicle failed in India?

This was a turning point as I myself have worked over an electric vehicle. So gave him short comings of electrical vehicle and introduced my innovation. Till now approx 15- 18 mins has passed.

S: Lots of questions about vehicle , its technology , current status, commercial viability etc etc etc.


S : So why mba ,why not work on my innovation.

In between L asked when did u get time to work over it.


L : So what do you do in your leisure time?


Any question.

I had a genuine question about ELP asked them and they replied .


ISB Interview Experience 3

My interview was at the Taj Palace, Delhi. As soon as I arrived, I was given the customary essay to write. The word was ‘orange’. The waiting room was a little tense but soon, thanks to some enterprising applicants, there was much mirth and gossiping. Interviewers flocked in into the waiting room from time to time to escort the candidates to the interview room. However, I was called into the interview room through the intercom.

There were three members in the panel. Since they only introduced themselves with their names, I think they were probably

A. one lady, probably alum

B. one prof

C. one either prof or adcom member or alum.

Shake hands and interview starts.

Prof B: How has the morning been?

Me: Its been a cold day so far.

Prof B: So Mr. P, have you prepared for the interview? How have you been spending your time?

Me: I would be lying if I said I haven’t prepared. Just some standard questions.

Prof B with an evil grin: Hahaha. We’ll stay off those kind of questions today.

Me: <choked to death>

There was a barrage of questions after this related to my work about which I had written in my app. Didn’t carry through too well.

Questions on hobbies, can my company sponsor my MBA, what I am going to do post MBA.

And finally, the ‘Any questions for us’.

Ended on a nice note. But it would have been so much better if I could have answered the work profile questions better.


ISB Interview Experience 4

Profile: IT Male, 8 yrs exp, GMAT 670

Alumni 1 (A1) , Adcom1 (Ad1), Adcom (Ad2).. Ad2 didn’t ask any questions.
The essay word was “profit”
A1. What is wrong with TCS? Why MBA after so many years. ( 8 yrs of experience) ?
A. told them about my long term goal of starting my own enterprise..etc. etc.. etc..
Ad1. You said that when everyone was shying away from the government project u joined it. y? ( I wrote in my essay that the project I joined was marred by delays)?
A. told them how adventurous I am and how govt. experience could have give me the much needed diversity
Ad1. What is it working in a government sector and tell me the challenges u faced?
A told them about the challenges..
Ad1. What are the 3 most challenging situations u have faced in last 8 years of your work.
A. I didn’t prepare 3, I prepared 2. but somehow when I was explaining the second one the discussion went into different direction.. thankfully.
Ad1. Case Question ( you are a senior official in goverment land allocation project in Andra Pradesh and you have to implement an IT system. ? How will you go about it.?
A. . I will hire someone like Mr. Nandan Nilekani who is an expert in this area.. couple of other points
Ad1. You have worked in London, how was it different from working in the government sector?
A. some generic stuff.. they are more managed in london etc.
Ad1. What is basel2 ( I worked in lloyds bank, london)?
Ad1. You are six sigma certified? what is six sigma?
Ad1. Can such quality processes improve the systems?
A. I said they can but in india we dont follow process very well
Ad1. And why do you think so?
I talked about cost to quality and stuff.. we are not serious about IT because it is not mission critical
Ad1. You must have read about the Citibank fraud? Can IT system prevent such frauds?
A. We can prevent frauds upto a limit..but cannot control people’s intentions..
A1. How is the chinese restaurant doing ( I told in my essay that I helped my friend with opening the restaurant)?
A: I told its not doing good.
A1. What are the problems and what are your suggestions about it..?
A1. Do you have any questions for us. ?

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