ISB 2010 Interview Questions ( for class of 2012)

Applicant profile : 4 years experience in IT major & ITeS startup, GMAT: 690

1) Run me through your resume?

2) So tell us about your roles in your current company?

3) You are saying that your product will be a game changer? Why is it so? What’s so different about it?

4) So you say your pricing is competitive, if so, how would you manage if u r charging less as compared to others?

5) Give us a situation where you have screwed up big time?

6) Tell us about the corporate competition that you won in your previous company?

7) What’s so different about it? (One alum to another) I too do the same.

8) Ok who are your current clients and how many have u approached for business?

9) So tell us what you want to do post MBA?

10) So which is the latest book that you read? tell me its story?

11) What are your hobbies?

12) Do you have any questions for us?

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