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Well after working so hard all through your student days – High school exams, JEE and entrance exam preps and then finally Graduation. You were not just done with your academic achievements but also excelled in your career and had a few feathers to your cap in terms of EC and social service. You still had the energy to excel and move up in your career and applied to ISB and other Top notch B-schools around the world. And now all your hard work over the years has paid up and you have an interview call with ISB…. Well you are so near to achieving your life time dream, but really apprehensive about how to prepare for the interview?. Well we understand your predicament and we have been on the other side of the of the table just a few years back.

To crack the interview of your dream school here are a few tips from some us who made it. Hope you find this useful:

When to start preparing:

You have to be cognizant of the fact that, you will usually receive your interview call just a week before your actual ISB interview. Hence it is prudent on your part to start your preps as soon as you submit your application.

First Steps:

  1. You should know your application inside out, know why you wrote that quote, why you included a qualifier “One of the first to be awarded”, and why were you interested in tutoring those street children for their board exams. In short it is important to not only know ‘what you wrote’ but also be crystal clear on ‘why you wrote’ it that way.
  2. Once done with familiarizing with your application collate as many interview questions as possible from forums, alums, friends, friend of friends and off course don’t hesitate to ask GoIsb for all the help you need.

The crux of your preparations:

  1. Once you are done with collating all the possible questions like (Why MBA, Why ISB, Tell me something about your challenges at work, short-term and long-term goals etc) prepare an answer for each of them
  2. Look for a few estimation/guestimate questions on the web and try to think of some questions yourself – for e.g. # of cars that pass on this road daily (use inputs like: arterial road connecting this road, # of office buildings and # of people work there, Is it a highway? Etc..). You will feel a lot better when you face simple interview guesstimates like Coffee cups consumed etc.
  3. Mentally prepare a structure for each of the answers so as to sound coherent and also to be the point rather than beating around the bush. Please understand that the panel will interview atleast 10 students on a given day – It helps if your to the point and catch the attention of the Panel – the easiest way to do this is to have a structure to most of the common questions.

The final dash:

  1. Once ready with the answers – ensure that you do a couple of mock interview with peers/ friends. It helps to do this with a person who is also attending the interview or with alums/ friends from ISB other B-schools who have been through the process
  2. Ask your friends to rate you on – Your clarity of thought, relevance of talk, being to the point and your postures and hand movement
  3. Take all the inputs and try to work on them constructively. If the need be practice your answers before the mirror to see how conduct yourself.
  4. Before the final interviews do a couple of more Mocks with the right setting (an interviewer table, and also in formals if possible). While these things might sound a bit of a stretch, but trust us will add a lot to your confidence on the day of your interview.

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