First batch at ISB Mohali ( ISB Mohali admissions)

First batch at ISB Mohali to commence in April 2012. Admissions will open in 2011.

The ISB Mohali campus will have four institutes focusing on areas critical to India’s development: Max India Institute of Healthcare Management, BML Munjal Hero Honda Institute of Manufacturing Excellence and Innovation, Bharti Institute of Public Policy and Punj Lloyd Institute of Physical Infrastructure Management.

In addition to the existing partner schools, ISB has partnered with MIT Sloan to support these institutes.

The construction of the Mohali campus is expected to be completed by March 2012. Thee first academic session is expected to commence in April 2012, with an intake of 210 students.

15 April 2011 Update:

The ISB’s flagship Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) will be delivered in two locations starting April 2012 with a total intake of 770 students, spread across Hyderabad (560) and Mohali (210).

Course offerings

The entire curriculum and the teaching pedagogy will be the same. The first four terms (core terms) will be the same on both the campuses.

The elective course offerings will be as follows:

  • Hyderabad: Marketing, Finance and Strategy & Leadership, Operations, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship.
  • Mohali: Marketing, Finance and Strategy & Leadership, Healthcare and Manufacturing

Single Admission Process

There will be a single Admissions process to both the Hyderabad and the Mohali campus. Applicants would be required to indicate their preference of campus in the online application. The Admissions process does not take the campus preference into consideration while evaluating the application and therefore will have no impact on the selection process. The campus allotment decision will be taken up after we prepare the final list admits. While we will try and accommodate your campus preference to the extent possible, the ISB reserves the right of allotment of the campus, to maintain the diversity of the class profile and subject to the availability of the seats.

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ISB Essays 2011, ISB Essay Tips

ISB 2011 Essay 1: If we were to admit one more student to the class of 2012, make a compelling argument as to why that student should be you? (300 words)
ISB Essay Tips :

Through Essay 1 the school tries to understand that “Extra” you bring to the Class of 2012. You should talk about yourself, attributes as a person, what excites you, what are your beliefs in life, your major accomplishments and why you believe those accomplishments are unique. How do they stand out and position you as a candidate who brings diversity to the class? .

The best way to go about this essay is to start with a deep introspection on all your activities, accomplishments, and lessons learnt in the post high school era:

1. Please make a long list of all activities that fit onto the above category

2. For each activity identify – The challenges that existed, How you overcame those challenges and finally what difference did it create to you – your company or the society in general (Impact)

3. Talk about 2-3 significant achievements and try to highlight various aspects of your personality – leadership, Initiative, innovative, analytical thinking, social impact so on and so forth

4. Please try to articulate your success if possible in quantitative terms especially when listing a professional accomplishment. For e.g. Articulation can be done in multiple levels

Level 1: Won the Chairman’s award for stellar performance in operations assignment
Level 2: Won the Chairman’s award for decreasing turnaround time by 22%
Level 3: One among the 3 individuals to win the chairman’s award among an Employee base of 10,000+; for decreasing turnaround time by 22%, which resulted in cost savings of 2 Crores

ISB 2011 Essay 2: What are your short term and long term goals? How will the ISB help you achieve the same?
ISB Essay Tips :

ISB tests your clarity of thought with this essay. You can structure this essay into three distinct areas:

Talk about your existing industry/role

1. Your short term goals _ why it makes sense to you; Is it a progression from your current professional position? Are you looking at career changes? If so how ISB will help you achieve this.. Peer network, Industry connects, interactions at different forums, World class faculty etc

2. Clearly articulate your long term goals. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? You must have clarity on how will your short term goals help you reach there

How ISB will help you reach your short term goals –How on reaching your short term goals, it will position you to realize your long term aspirations.

ISB 2011 Essay 3: Please provide additional information that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB
ISB Essay Tips :

This Essay can be approached in two ways. It can either be achievement based or though based.

Achievement based: Review your long list, elaborate on 2-3 significant achievements/experiences in their order of importance. Please do not forget to maintain the same structure as in Essay 1.

1. Problem statement and challenges

2. How you overcame them

3. Impact

Achievements could be sports, NSS,NCC, volunteering, social service etc

Thought based: You could talk about your worldview on various aspects. What are your beliefs?. What is important to you as an Individual.. What do you want to do about a particular situation post ISB?.
For e.g. You believe that malnutrition is the single largest source of all child related issue sin Africa. You could share your views about them, what do you intend to do about it and how ISB can help you develop certain skills so as to help you achieve your goals.