ISB Alumni Speak -Important tips for ISB interview preparation

Continuing the compilation of tips from ISB alumni on “How to prepare the ISB interviews/ how to handle the ISB interviews”, here are opinions of some more ISB alumni

  1. Be honest with the interview panel….making up things while answering is very easily caught and would lead you down a spiral path
  2. Rehearse the answers for the common interview questions and come prepared
  3. You can lead your interview in the direction you want to by carefully choosing answers that lead to more relevant questions that you want to answer. Be smart and bring up points that you want to highlight. Needless to say- please do not overdo it.

By, Nidhi Gupta, ISB Co 2008

  1. Showcasing your strength in all dimensions (academics, professional and extra-curricular front)
  2. Writing the essay in your own style
  3. Being HONEST

By, an alumnus, ISB Co 2007

  1. Give answers in a way that they generate enough curiosity among interviewers to ask subsequent questions
  2. Know yourself, your job, your industry and ISB well.

By, Sanjay Sharma, ISB Co 2008

  1. Your focus should be to be able to bring out instances in your professional/personal life which demonstrate leadership skills or anything unique to your personality that would add value to the ISB community.
  2. The interview would generally revolve around your resume and application (unlike other Indian B-Schools where GD and general awareness are a significant component), so be ready to support what you’ve written with your experience.
  3. At the end of the interview you are given the opportunity to ask Questions if you have any. Any question you ask should in some way show that did a thorough research of the school.

By, Nitin Goyal, ISB Co 2008

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