ISB Alumni Speak – Tips for ISB interview preparation (by ISB alumni)

Interviews are the real test of your candidature. Also, at this stage, things become more competitive. It is hence imperative to take ISB interview very seriously and prepare in a planned manner.

Nobody can predict what you may be asked by the ISB admissions committee (which comprises of ISB adcom members and ISB alumni) however, the following “ISB interview tips” by ISB pass-outs will definitely help.

1. Remember your essays well. The last thing you will want to happen is to say something contradicting your essays in your interview

2. “Tell me about yourself” is the most crucial question. Use this answer to lead the interviewer towards your strengths

3. Be natural and friendly and maintain your composure and of course “look good :)”

4. Before the start of the interview, you might be given a topic for a short essay. Just remember what you have written, you might be asked to discuss

By, Supriya Singh, ISB Co 2008

1. Be extremely thorough with your application. The interviewer will catch words from your application and ask questions on the same

2. Be yourself, do not bluff in the interview.

3. If you do not know the answer to a question, say “I do not know” rather than making a blind guess

By, a current student, ISB Co 2010

“I have only one tip for ISB interview preparation…Be yourself. Just be sure about who you are and what your aims are. And why you want to go to ISB.”

By,Jayati Talukdar, ISB Co 2008

1. Know your application very well. Try to rehearse all possible questions that may follow from your application.

2. Be updated of the current affairs.

3. Be absolutely sure on how to answer “Why ISB” and “What after ISB?” questions.

By,Abhinav Jain, ISB Co 2008

I think what matters most in ISB interviews is as follows:

· Do a very good homework on what you have written in the application. You should be able to talk with details if any point is asked from the information you have provided in ISB application / essays.

· Be prepared on your extracurricular activities. You may be asked to perform (if something can be performed in an interview setup)

· Have some knowledge about the industry/ company you work in. For example if you work in IT sector, you should know about current issues and trends, some future projections, your company’s turnover, key competitors and challenges

· Also prepare on how to solve guesstimate cases. Try to build an approach in your mind. It does help a lot.

· ISB interviews are very conversational in nature. “Be what you are”

By,Nitish Jain, ISB Co 2008

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