A few things that you should do if ISB is your dream school

MBA application process is a high involvement and demanding process. This requires a lot of planning, research, studies (for GMAT) and conscious efforts to strengthen one’s profile. Considering the highly competitive environment within the applicant pool, one should not leave out any opportunity that helps you directly or indirectly in the entire application process.

Here are a few tips on what you should do as you get into ISB application mode. These tips are subsequent to the step of short-listing b-schools. I am assuming that you have done enough research and found a fit with the ISB PGP.

1) Participate in ISB information sessions: ISB conducts information sessions at numerous locations in India and abroad. Most of the cities in India are covered by via these sessions. The time and the nominal fee that you spend on such a session are definitely worth it. YOu get a chance to interact face to face with the representatives who may include Adcom members and alumni. Remember this is the ideal place/ event for genuine information.

Please have a look at http://www.isb.edu/pgp/IndiaLocations.Shtml for detailed schedule

2) Talk to ISB alumni: Alumni are probably the most candid and genuine source of information.They can also share the perspectives of student life at ISB as they have lived through it. goISB.com also provides you such opportunity through a number of alumni on its panel.

Through ISB alumni you can get information on the applications, what GMAT score should you target, how to go about writing essays, your fit with ISB, your prospects at ISB and fundas on life in general.

3) Visit the campus: ‘One needs to see it to believe it’. If possible, visit the campus. ISB conducts some sessions for aspirants. Also, you can look for an opportunity to actually sit through a classroom session at ISB (and hence get the real experience).

4) Research, read and discuss: Read about ISB, know about the activities and clubs, read through some blogs, be a part of some online communities. All of these activities will help you get perspectives and knowledge which will help you build up your case in a better way when you write the essays.

5) Devote sufficient time : Please note that essays form an important part of the profile and you must take it seriously. You have to devote sufficient time towards the essays in order for them to reflect your persona well. Options for professional review may also be explored as some direction and tips from experienced people always help.

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