Placements at ISB for Class of 2009

The last placement season at ISB was quite tough given the economic scenario. Lets look at some statistics first.

CTC Data of 2009 Compared to 2008

Particulars 2009 2008
Average International CTC USD 119, 022 USD 144, 812
Average Domestic CTC INR 15,05,000 INR 19,00,000


If we just look at the top level numbers the average domestic CTC (cost to company or package as some may call it) when t down by 4 lacs or more than 20%.

According to sources, as compared to last few years when all ISB students were placed comfortably, make students from the ISB class of 2009 didn’t had jobs at the time of graduation.

Many people raised doubts and questions on ISB’s ability to place students especially given the fact that the Class of 2010 will have more than 570 students as compared to 430 or so in Class of 2009. Also, people question whether investing 18 lacs makes sense if you can’t get great jobs.

We say that considering the overall market and the hit placements have taken at top US B schools, ISB managed the show really well. All thanks to the CAS (placement body at ISB which works regularly with various recruiters) alumni body and other interested stakeholders.

ISB announced many scholarships like repayment of loans for students to incentivize budding entrepreneurs to start their ventures. In out option this is a great initiative by ISB.

The recession is temporary and can’t wither away the brand of B school like ISB. Even in terms of direct impact in career compare ISB with other B schools. It’s a one year programme so your opportunity cost is less and you return to the work force earlier. The fees is much less than any top MBA program anywhere in the world. The brand is great ( FT 15 ) and much better for those who want to stay in Indiain the long term.

So, stick to the basics, the foundation of ISB is strong and a dip in placements can make ISB a not so good B school.

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